Hemp CBD Distillate 1000mg – Blueberry


The most popular CLEAR, it packs enough punch to satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

Supercharged C02 Extracted CBD Distillate
NO Harsh Taste Allowed! Proprietary blend of only the purest, richest, 100% natural ingredients, and featuring unmatched, award-winning superior flavor.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 7-10 drops morning and night, (approx.. 10 mg CBD per dose)
Put oil under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds, then swallow.

DOSES PER ITEM: Approx. 45 day supply
INGREDIENTS: 88% Pure Hemp Oil Distillate (CBD), combined with MCT Oil and naturally sweetened with Blueberry Terpenes and Stevia
OTHER INFORMATION: 1 fl. Oz (29.6 ml)


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Weight1 oz


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