Hemp CBD Distillate 500mg – Blueberry

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The most popular CLEAR, it packs enough punch to satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

Supercharged C02 Extracted CBD Distillate
NO Harsh Taste Allowed! Proprietary blend of only the purest, richest, 100% natural ingredients, and featuring unmatched, award-winning superior flavor.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 7-10 drops morning and night, (approx.. 5 mg CBD per dose)
Put oil under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds, then swallow.

DOSES PER ITEM: Approx. 45 day supply
INGREDIENTS: 88% Pure Hemp Oil Distillate (CBD), combined with MCT Oil and naturally sweetened with Blueberry Terpenes and Stevia
OTHER INFORMATION: 1 fl. Oz (29.6 ml)


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Weight1 oz

2 reviews for Hemp CBD Distillate 500mg – Blueberry

  1. Cathy W.

    Amazing product! I started using this tincture about 3 months ago and it has helped me tremendously with pain and inflamation in my right shoulder and back from a horse accident. It also has improved my sleep! And on top of the health benefits of using this product, it taste amazing! I’ve tried lots of other CBD tinctures and nothing compares.

  2. byronmorgan92

    Byron M. I am 54. I have had arthritis for over 20 yrs. It has progressively gotten worse. Started in lower back, now I have it in both knees and elbows. I taken ibuprofen and skalaxin for about 15 years. I move slow when I wake till I start moving around but back still has a sharp pain that I have learned to deal with. Recently my elbows and knees starting popping and now it has progressed rapidly to a point where it is painful every time I move that body part. I started using the tincture and lotion and I felt 20 years younger after about 30 minutes after applying lotion and taking tincture drops. My back didn’t have the sharp pain anymore and my knees and elbows stop popping, no pain no popping. I feel like a new person. I was miserable for years. I feel this product gave me my life back I am so grateful for this product I can’t thank them enough. I have always been active, but lately I have felt so miserable. I just wanted to sit when I get home and not move because of the pain. I highly recommend this product, it gave me my life back and I am back to my cheerful funny nature. I feel so great, peace.

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